AT BHQ East Lismore  

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           Our Association supports the past, present and future soldiers of the 41st Battalion Royal New South Wales Regiment.
 41st Battalion has 5 depots across the North coast of NSW with HQ at Lismore.
There are  several hundred part time soldiers supported by full time regular army staff parading across the region.

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The association annually provides the following support to the unit and the members of the association 

Annual Scholarship for a soldier of the unit $1,000 cash

Events at depots where we present awards to soldiers


Trophies for Champion soldier each training weekend 

Trophies for Champion soldier A & C Coy / BHQ  yearly

Recognising our soldiers that deploy

Awards and prizes to soldiers annually

Depot reps to present  awards 


Regular assoc meetings with guest speakers and maintaining the assoc museum


A leading internet site

A welfare page for soldiers in need

Current CO 41 RNSWR appointed Jan 2023, LTCOL Danial Healy 

Current RSM 41 RNSWR posted Jan 2023 WO1 Michael Dowling

         Warren Walsh  

(Current serving member of 41 RNSWR rank Major)

41st Infantry Battalion Assoc Inc President

A Company 41st Battalion Royal New South Wales (Dec 17)    

     OC Major White (Dec 17)

OC Major Fernandez (Dec 18)

OC Major MacDonald (2019 to 2020)

A/OC Captain Miller (2020/2021)

CAPT Budiano (2022)

MAJ Callum Waite (2023 to current)

C Company 41st Battalion Royal New South Wales (Sep 17)          

OC Major Ralph (2017-2019)

OC Major Stemp (2020 )

OC Major Clifton (2020 to-2023)

OC CAPT Peter Fox (2024)

Other Battalion facts

Motto Mors Ante Pudorem 

(Death before Dishonour) This motto was adopted by 41 RNSWR because since its formation none of its personnel have been captured in battle.

March Cock O'The North

 The song name comes from the nickname of Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon, who in 1794 raised the 92nd Regiment of Foot, which later became the Gordon Highlanders.


Kilted Tradition - Due to its lineage from the Byron Scottish Regiment, 41 RNSWR retains an entitlement to wear a kilt. The battalion was formerly known as the 41st Battalion, The Byron Scottish Regiment.This is due to the large number of Scots who settled in the north of the state in areas such as Grafton, Byron Bay and Maclean. 41 RNSWR maintains an alliance with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and personnel from the battalion's Grafton depot may wear the kilt of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on ceremonial occasions.

This is the hat badge worn by the NSW Regiment and is basically that worn by the New South Wales Military Forces from about 1885 to 1903. This was in it's turn adopted from the badge of the Colony of NSW of 1876.

The principal elements are the Crown indicating a Royal Regiment, the Cross of St George bearing the Lion of England and the stars of the Southern Cross, the whole being enclosed within a wreath of Waratahs, the floral emblem of NSW.

41st Battalion The Byron Regiment hat badge as worn 1930-1942

Byron Scottish Badge traces it history back to the unit being reformed in 1948 as the 41st Infantry Battalion (The Byron Regiment), however, the following year its title was changed to The Byron Scottish Regiment. This remained the state of affairs until 1960, when the Pentropic divisional structure was introduced and the battalion became 'E' (Byron Scottish) Company, 1st Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment.

The colour patch of the 41st Battalion, originated in WW1 , each Brigade is allotted a colour that is the senior (LOWER) colour of the patch (blue in this case) . Each Battalion is allotted a colour that is the junior (UPPER) colour of the patch (black for 41). Our colour patch worn today by all soldiers refers to the 11th Brigade (blue) with the black being for the 41st Battalion