Apply for the Association Scholarship now !

The 41st Infantry Battalion Association (sponsored and funded by the Crandon Family) offers nominees the chance to be a finalist (max 3 selected)

Finalists receive a payment of up to

$1,000 to the winner

$500 for 2nd place and

$250 for 3rd place finalists

The scholarship is open to all  members of the 41st Battalion or CSSB attached , annually in recognition of leadership in the organisation

There is now NO REQUIREMENT to be studying.

 Eligibility Criteria ( amended 8 Aug 2021)

- Member of 41 RNSWR or posted to sub unit location (ie CSSB members)

- AIRN compliant

- Rank Private to LT  

- Have completed 20 Days service (or tracking towards)

- Member of the 41st Battalion or a member of a CSSB posted to and parading regularly at a unit depot location

- Not have been awarded 1st place in the scholarship previously


Please complete the entry form below 

Nominations close 30 Jun annually with the 3 finalists presenting either a face to face presentation at BHQ Lismore or a digital presentation, before a panel presenting a topic as advised for 15 mins.

The winner will be required to complete a short presentation (30 minutes) to the Association members in Aug  ,where upon all the finalists will be presented cheques for their achievements . 


- Winner receives $1,000 , Certificate and   free membership of the association Jul - Dec

- Runner up receives $500 , Certificate and  free membership of the association Jul - Dec

-Third place receives $250 , Certificate and  free membership of the association Jul - Dec 

Association Extra Leadership Opportunity (voluntary and not a prerequiste for a nomination for the scholarship)

We offer ANY nominee an opportunity to build awareness of of the association at your depot is available, just selectThis is a non Defence voluntary role, a small time commitment but can make a difference in supporting the soldiers at your location, duties include

-  Identify and email the Association secretary name of any members deployed so that we can send a care package                                     (with members  permission)

-  Identify at your depot any opportunity for financial assistance from the association for the local members i.e BBQ end of a weekend         

-  Send to association secretary any non classified cleared by your chain of command pictures from training weekend so that we can post on the website

-  Promote to local members awareness of the association

-  Provide a update of association activity in your area for each of the 3 association meetings (could be a Nil return)


See details of Criteria and about the presentation you would need to present if you are a finalist (max THREE) .

Extract from the Guideline for presentation the presentation if a FINALIST

Finalists are allocated 15 minutes to complete their presentation to the ASP (Assoc Scholarship Panel)

Presentations are to be constructed and delivered using a multimedia format and
finalists are encouraged to use any additional multimedia aids that will enhance their

a. The topic for the Tuesday night Candidate presentation to the ASP is:

(1) Select a military leader and explain why they inspire you?

(2) What have you learnt from their actions?

(3) What makes you a worthy candidate for this Leadership Scholarship?

(4) What would winning this Leadership Scholarship mean to you?

41RNSWR Scholarship Application Form

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Further Leadership opportunity available to all nominees, would you be prepared to be the Association Rep at your depot for a 12 month period to assist in builder awareness of the association


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