2nd Division Military Skills Competition - 41st Battalion Runners Up – March 2018

Left to Right– CPL Beasley, PTE Blaine, PTE Platz, PTE Hyett, PTE Dowling, LCPL Kelleher, PTE Melville, PTE Painter.

5 Brigade Military Skills - Winning Team – October 2017

From Left to Right – PTE Vickers, PTE Delcampo, PTE Kelleher, PTE Platz, PTE Cameron, PTE Spillane, PTE Melville, BRIG Bond (Commander 5BDE), LCPL Amos, CPL Beasley, PTE Blaine, WO1 McLachlan (RSM 5BDE)

2nd Division Military Skills Competition - 41st Battalion Winning Team - March 2017

Back Row - WO1 Stonebridge (RSM 8 BDE), PTE Melville, Pte Platz, PTE Delaterre, PTE Davies, PTE Delcampo, WO1 Newbold (RSM 41st Battalion RNSWR)             Front Row - WO2 Patterson (Team manager), LCPL Amos, CPL Reeves, PTE Blaine, PTE Hyett.

2nd Division Military Skills Competition -41st Battalion Runners Up -March 2016

               Back Row – PTE Delcampo, PTE Little, PTE Bloom, CPL Reeves, Pte Platz, PTE Sinigaglia,Front Row – LCPL Dingle, PTE Wild, PTE Petrisc, PTE Jansen.